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Small Scale 3,009
₹ 2,449 per tile
per month

1 User
Up to 10 tiles
Relevant use cases:
  • Construction Site Assessment
  • Mine Lease Planning
  • Land Parcel Management
  • Solar Rooftop Planning
1 tile ~ 1 sq. km.
Medium Scale
₹ 1,739 per tile
per month

1 User
11-25 tiles
All in small scale, plus:
  • Rural Development Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Land Use Study
  • Municipal Asset Management
  • Environmental Assessment
1 tile ~ 1 sq. km.
Large Scale 1,609
₹ 1,349 per tile
per month

1 User
25+ tiles
All in medium scale, plus:
  • Watershed Assessment
  • Smart City Planning
  • Disaster Management
  • Infrastructure Planning
1 tile ~ 1 sq. km.
*prices are exclusive of all taxes.
High Quality Drone Imagery

Unlock the power of High-Quality Drone Imagery instantly with our platform, providing unparalleled clarity and detail for informed decision-making. Say goodbye to delays and uncertainty.

Unlimited Users

In Aakashe, you have the freedom to add unlimited users. Each plan includes a set number of free users, and you can easily add extra users for just 99 INR each.

Comprehensive Measurement Tools

Our comprehensive measurement tools offer a seamlessly familiar user experience, catering to both seasoned professionals and curious newcomers. With a polished design, creators can effortlessly leverage our tools for optimal results.

No Need to Learn New Software

Plug-ins are offered as add-ons with all plans, beginning at a mere 249 INR*. Aakashe’s plug-in feature allows you to bring over data to your favourite softwares.

Project & Team Management

Aakashe’s platform simplifies project and team management, letting users handle multiple tasks effortlessly. By juggling various projects and teams seamlessly, it promotes scalability and boosts productivity for smoother growth.