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Welcome to Bharat's 1st Instant Drone Imagery Data Platform! Say goodbye to scheduling headaches and waiting for data. With us, convenience is key. Just search your area of interest, and voila! High-quality imagery data at your fingertips. Experience the future of aerial data, hassle-free.
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Take a stroll through our meticulously mapped wonderland, no strings attached! Dive into the depths of our site, absorb the ambiance, and decide if we're your cup of tea, milk, or coffee. it's like test driving the car, checking the accelerator, brake, and suspension before making the purchase. So go ahead, explore first, pay later - because we believe in earning your trust, one click at a time
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Worried about the accuracy of our data? Request free QC reports to verify the quality of our data before you spend a single rupee.

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Have a short project duration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered – Subscribe to our data for as low as 30 days.

Bulletproof Security
Your data is totally safe on our fortified cloud, think of it as a digital bodyguard, keeping your stuff secure from any funny business. No corruption, no theft, no disappearing acts. Just pure peace of mind.
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Manage multiple projects & teams

Build and scale teams across various projects at the same time, customize permissions so each team member accesses only what they require securely. Aakashe’s platform offers you the flexibility and assurance you need to manage it all smoothly.

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Get things done on your desktop or laptop.

Looking to digitize or check out our top-notch data in high resolution? Dive in from your desktop or laptop for crystal-clear clarity. Collaborate with your team or clients wherever you are.

On-the-go access with tablets

Aakashe also lets you access your profile right from your tabular devices. Whether you’re on-site and need quick insights, or whether you’re at a client’s office and want to get a quick overview of your projects – we’re there for you.

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tool image software
In-built tools

At Aakashe, we offer you a suite of comprehensive measurement tools for swift analysis on our platform. Measuring area and distance with utmost precision has never been more effortless.

Easy intergration

While our tools cover many use-cases, we understand they might not fit every need. That's why we make it easy for you to bring over our data to other GIS software for overlays and digitization. Aakashe plays well with popular industry software such as QGIS, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, and Google Earth. *Upcoming feature